Project Description

Prof. Dr. Gisela Michel (UNILU) is a psychologist, epidemiologist and an associate professor at the Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy at the University of Lucerne. Her research focuses on late outcomes, follow-up care, psychosocial aspects and health behaviour after childhood cancer. She is a founding member of the PanCare network and member of the PanCare board.

Gisela contributes to the development of clinical guidelines and recommendations, as well as contributes expertise in Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and their measurement for the PanCareFollowUp Care intervention cohort study.

University of Lucerne
Prof. Dr. Stefan Boes

Prof. Dr. Stefan Boes (UNILU) is Professor of Health Economics at the Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy and Director of the Center for Health, Policy and Economics at the University of Lucerne. His research focuses on topics in applied health economics and health policy evaluation, as well as evidence-informed policy-making,

Stefan leads the health economic evaluation of the PanCareFollowUp Care intervention, in collaboration with health economists at the clinical sites.