Project Description

Prof. Roderick Skinner

Prof. Roderick (Rod) Skinner (UNEW) is an Honorary Professor of Childhood Cancer and has research and clinical expertise in the care of children and adolescents with malignancy, late adverse effects of treatment and long-term follow-up. He is a founding member of the PanCare network and member of the PanCare board, as well as a member of the Core Group of the International Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Guideline Harmonization Group.

Rod leads the development of clinical guidelines and recommendations for implementation in the PanCareFollowUp Care intervention, and contributes to analysis of the cohort study results.

Newcastle University
Dr. Morven Brown

Dr. Morven Brown (UNEW) is a research associate and chartered health psychologist in the Institute of Health & Society at the University of Newcastle, involved in childhood cancer survivor research with a focus on psychological, social and behavioural outcomes. She is a member of the PanCare network and has participated in guidelines development work in (transition, models of care, psychosocial outcomes, health promotion).

Morven assists in the lifestyle systematic review and qualitative study, as well as contributes expertise to the development of the PanCareFollowUp Lifestyle behavioural intervention.