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The PanCareFollowUp Project

Our overall aim is to improve the quality of life for survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer by bringing evidence-based, person-centred care to clinical practice in the real world.


We just closed another PanCareFollowUp meeting! A really exciting meeting because after 1.5 years of preparation in the project the real works comes close now! Keep following us in the upcoming weeks to find out more about this important project! #PanCare #SIOPE #CCIEurope

Day 2 of the PanCareFollowUp meeting has ended. We thank everyone for the interesting discussions which will help us all to bring this project to a succes for all childhood cancer survivors in Europe. Hopefully next time in real life! #PanCare #CCIEUROPE #SIOPE

What is the risks of Covid-19 for childhood cancer survivors? The International Guideline Harmonization Group published a statement in which they describe which survivors are at risk and what measures to take. Read it on: #SIOPE #CCIEUROPE #PanCare


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