Project Description

Samira Essiaf

Samira Essiaf is the Chief Executive Officer of SIOP Europe, the European organisation representing pediatric oncologists. She has national and international experience working for multinational companies and educational institutes, as well as various international placements in Ireland, Morocco and Singapore.

Samira leads on the extension and implementation of the Survivorship Passport in the PanCareFollowUp Care intervention, as well as assessment of the feasibility of a Survivorship Passport app. She also leverages SIOP Europe’s extensive networks to effectively communicate and disseminate the project to a broad range of target audiences, working in close collaboration with the PanCare network and survivor organisation ÖKKH, representing Childhood Cancer International Europe.

Anne Blondeel

Anne Blondeel is a Project and Education Coordinator at SIOP Europe, working on the QUARTET Project, the Survivorship Passport and the new SIOP Europe Course in Paediatric Oncology, as well as coordinating the activities of several Working Groups withing SIOP Europe. Within the PanCareFollowUp project, Anne coordinates the work of Work Package 4 on the Survivorship Passport.