In this interview, we meet Dr. Jacqueline Loonen of the Radboud University Medical Center. Jacqueline is leading the development and implementation of the PanCareFollowUp Lifestyle intervention, which will be tested in the Netherlands.


Please introduce yourself and share with us why you joined PanCareFollowUp.

I am Jacqueline Loonen, pediatric oncologist and head of the Radboudumc Center of Expertise for Cancer Survivorship in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

I joined PanCareFollowUp as I see in my daily practice how important it is for survivors of childhood cancer that they get the right care for their late effects and also that they get answers to the questions they have. Their needs can change over time so it is important that all healthcare providers be aware of this.

The major aim of PanCareFollowUp is to achieve access to long term follow-up care for all chidhood cancer survivors in Europe, I would like to contribute to that.

Explain your work in PanCareFollowUp shortly.

The project is divided into work packages (WP) and I am leader of WP5. WP5 developed an eHealth Lifestyle intervention. A healthy lifestyle is important for childhood cancer survivors as it will improve their general health and condition. The eHealth lifestyle coach, who performs the intervention, will support the survivors in changing lifestyle in a way that the survivors themselves prefer.

Why do you think PanCareFollowUp is an important project?

The PanCareFollowUp project is important as it will improve access for survivors from many European countries, to long term follow-up care. As care will be provided in a person centred way it will meet all the needs and preferences of each individual survivor.

What makes this project unique for you?

The collaboration of so many people, both survivors and health care providers, from all over Europe with one important aim: To improve or to develop Person Centred long term follow-up care for all survivors of childhood cancer.

What do you hope this project will achieve?

The awareness that for cancer survivorship care it is so important that survivors’ narrative will be in the center of the care. So listen to survivors first!

What’s the biggest challenge of your WP?

For the eHealth lifestyle intervention, motivation of the survivors to change their lifestyle, is really important. It is a big challenge to motivate all survivors, who might benefit from adopting a healthy lifestyle, to go for the intervention.

What’s the most fun thing in your WP?

Collaboration with all enthusiastic people of the PanCareFollowUp consortium.

What’s the most important benefit of your WP for survivors?

Healthy food and physical exercise can contribute to better health and better quality of life.

What else do we need to know about your WP or is there anything else you want to share?

I hope that this PanCareFollowUp project will contribute to optimal care for all childhood cancer survivors in Europe.