Check out the videos posted by survivors Jaap den Hartogh and Carina Schneider of CCI Europe. Jaap and Carina have been actively involved in PanCareFollowUp from the very beginning, contributing to the development of the interventions and informational materials on late effects, as well as keeping their networks informed about project activities.


#raiseyourhandsforsurvivors #gold4kidswithcancer

🎗️ Jaap was diagnosed with cancer at the age of eleven. He thinks that informing patients and parents about long-term effects should already start during acute treatment: “Every SURVIVOR has the right to be informed about the consequences of the treatment and have access to adequate long-term-care.”, demands Jaap den Hartough, CCI Europe Steering Committee Member. ❗️Support us know for a better long-term follow-up care: #gold4kidswithcancer

Geplaatst door CCI Europe op Maandag 9 september 2019

#raiseyourhandsforsurvivors #gold4kidswithcancer

🎗️ Carina was diagnosed with childhood cancer and is one of up to 500,000 SURVIVORS in Europe. After successful therapy she had to face late effects: "I had to fight with fears and depression." Unfortunately, there is still a lack of long-term follow-up care in Europe for SURVIVORS. Carina Schneider advocates for a long-term follow-up network as steering group member of the CCI Europe Survivors Network. ❗️Support Carina’s vision now. Learn more about her personal cancer journey: #gold4kidswithcancer

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