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RUMC Team Visits Brno for Pre-Implementation Study


On 18 September 2019, focus group discussions with healthcare professionals were held in Brno for the pre-implementation study. The study aims to identify barriers and facilitators for the PanCareFollowUp Care intervention to inform our Implementation Strategy. Rosella and Eline (RUMC) travelled to Brno (ICRC) to run the focus groups, which has six participants from FNUSA/ICRC [...]

RUMC Team Visits Brno for Pre-Implementation Study2019-09-25T14:23:47+01:00

PanCare Autumn 2019 Meeting


At the PanCare 2019 Autumn Meeting (11 - 13 Sept 2019, Basel, Switzerland), Rebecca van Kalsbeek (PMC) gave an update on PanCareFollowUp. The programme covered many aspects of survivorship and gave room for survivors, their families and survivorship organisations to emphasize their views and give their inputs.  

PanCare Autumn 2019 Meeting2019-09-25T13:27:48+01:00

PanCareFollowUp features in CCI Europe’s News Blast


CCI Europe included PanCareFollowUp in their 'Initiatives Supporting Follow-up Care' this month. The organisation is a partner in PanCareFollowUp, represented by ÖKKH. The team in CCI Europe are active in communicating the project to their networks, as well as contributing to our research in person-centred survivorship care.

PanCareFollowUp features in CCI Europe’s News Blast2019-09-25T12:38:29+01:00

SIOP Europe Annual Meeting & CCI Europe Conference


PanCareFollowUp was presented during the CCI Europe Conference, 23-24 May 2019 in Prague, which was held during the SIOP Europe Annual Meeting. The meeting was dedicated to the latest developments in Paediatric Oncology and included many interactive workshops. PanCareFollowUp's coordinator Prof. Leontien Kremer gave an overview of the project's interventions and planned activities. Prof. Leontien [...]

SIOP Europe Annual Meeting & CCI Europe Conference2019-09-25T12:58:57+01:00

PanCare Spring 2019 Meeting


At the PanCare 2019 Spring Meeting (24 - 26 April 2019, Opatija, Croatia), a session was devoted to PanCareFollowUp, with a general introduction (Prof. Leontien Kremer, Coordinator), person-centred care presentation (Dr. Jacqueline Loonen) and update on guidelines and PLAIN information (Prof. Rod Skinner).

PanCare Spring 2019 Meeting2019-09-25T13:17:26+01:00

Successful Kickoff Meeting!


The team came together at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam on 15 January 2019 to kick off the project. It was a packed day, filled with enthusiasm and collaboration as we planned the first year of the project. Over the next year, we'll be focused on developing the materials for our two interventions, PanCareFollowUp Care [...]

Successful Kickoff Meeting!2019-01-17T09:14:06+00:00

Still a long way to go in long-term follow-up care


Still a long way to go in long-term follow-up care “It is clear that the child cured of cancer must be followed for life, not so much because late recurrence of disease is feared as to permit detection of the delayed consequences of radio- and chemotherapy. Careful studies of these late effects [...]

Still a long way to go in long-term follow-up care2018-12-17T13:21:51+00:00
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